Family Activities

One of the beatiful aspects of staying in a caravan and camping park on the South coast of NSW park is that you get to spend time with the family.
And you’re in luck when you stay at Durras Lake North, because we are a family friendly park.

You can take part in activities that are not only fun and active but do them in a safe and secure environment.

Below we have listed a number of activities that you can enjoy whilst staying at Durras Lake North Holiday park.


Two choices here. Durras Lake or Durras Beach. The lake when closed usually offers plenty of shallow sandy areas for swimming. When it is open, take care as the tides can cause strong currents near the ocean entrance. The lake opens and closes naturally. When closed, it may take a couple of years for sufficient water to fill the lake before it breaks through its sandy wall into the ocean again.

The lake is regarded as the most pristine in NSW. Check out our bushwalk suggestions for some “must do” walks adjacent to the lake. Eventually the lake entrance fills up with sand and may take a couple of years for the lake to fill so it can break through the sand barrier once again. The beach is 3km long. The most popular swimming area is at the “Caves” and “Calm Corner” at the northern end of the beach. Just ask us for suggestions and directions. The beach is un-patrolled and can be dangerous at times, so caution must always be taken.


Mountain bike riding is very popular in the area with many kilometers of old forestry trails to explore. Many of our bushwalks are perfect options. If you are not a mountain biker, many cyclists just stretch out on the local roads of Durras North and Depot Beach.


If you are a keen birdwatcher, then you will be amazed at the variety of bird-life in the area. With the three major natural environments including: Durras Lake; the beach & marine platforms; and the bush of the Murramarang National Park, you will soon be ticking off many of the 207 species of birds in the area! Of special note is the endangered Hooded Plover which regularly nests amongst the sandhills of Durras Beach. Not to mention the Kookaburras, King Parrots, Lyrebirds, Rosellas, Lorikeets, Wattle birds, Fairy Wrens, Bower Birds, Plovers, Pelicans, Black Swans, Sooty Oyster Catches, Sea Eagles…


A great night time activity is walking through the bush with a very strong torch and spotlighting some of the native animals abundant in the area. Possums are common and you may also see Sooty Owls, Greater, Sugar or Yellow Bellied Gliders and Bandicoots. If you miss out spotting the animals, it is still a great experience walking through the bush at night. Torches ideal for spotlighting are available from our office.


Durras Lake is perfect for sea kayaking. If you have a canoe or kayak, we strongly suggest you bring it with you to explore the extensive waterways of the lake. Or, you can hire a kayaks at Durras North.


For our guests over the Christmas holiday period, we have open air movies at our “Surfboard Cinema.” A great experience in the open air. Of course, always subject to weather conditions!



And finally, we are “Cooler in Summer, and Warmer in Winter”.


(with apologies to Queensland Tourism)