Durras World Record Holders!

We are proud to announce we are the official Durras World Record Holders.

We’ve always thought that Durras in Australia was the best in the world. However, we soon realised there are four Durras’s worldwide: Apart from Australia, there is also one in France, Albania and Ireland.

So which is the best? A big question and the only way we could truly find out was to visit each Durras ourselves. The task was set and over a few years, we managed to inspect each and every Durras. No mean feat. Albania proved very difficult as it was well off the beaten tourist trails. Below are the entrants and further below, a video where the Best Durras In the World is announced.

To mark the occasion, an official Durras Day is now recognised each year on the 12th May.

Is Durras in Australia the best Durras in the world?

Durras – Australia

Is Durrus in Ireland the best Durras in the world?

Durrus – Ireland

Is Durres in Albania the best Durras in the world?

Durres, Albania

Is Duras in France the best Durras in the world?

Duras, France