If a Total Fire Ban (TOBAN) day is announced then no fireplaces can be used in the park.  Check for RFS updates here

Campfires are allowed except for TOBAN days, but only in the specially provided fireplaces. These fireplaces also have a small “drop down” barbecue plate for a traditional barbecue experience. Firewood and fire-starters are available for purchase from the shop/office or you can order online when making your booking. Firewood cannot be gathered from the surrounding National Park.

Every campsite, cottage and cabin (except for “Koala Cabin”) has its own fireplace.
Adult supervision must be present at all times and fire restrictions must be adhered to.
If you are camping over the summer months, we suggest you bring along a gas powered barbecue allowing greater control over your cooking. These gas barbecues may be used when total fire ban restrictions don’t allow campfires.
And most importantly, marshmallows are available for purchase from the shop/office.