Camping Ground Information FAQ’s

Being prepared for going camping is pretty important. The more information you have about a camping ground, the easier it will be for you. Below are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we from people seeking camping ground information. If you need to know something that isn’t below, please phone us on 02 4478 6072 or email us for more camping ground information.

Do you have barbecues?

Each site has a basic wood fired barbecue. Essentially a fireplace with a drop down steel slab. Very basic. We also have a coin operated electric barbecue. Most campers bring their own gas barbecue.

Do you allow campfires?

Each campsite has its own small fireplace. No fires to be lit anywhere but these fireplaces. All fires must be supervised by an adult. All fires subject to fire restrictions at the time. We also reserve the right to limit fires depending upon other conditions.

Can we buy firewood?

Firewood is available for purchase. It comes in 20kg bags. We also sell and recommend firestarters to help your fire get going. Proceeds from the sale of firewood goes towards the planting of native plants in the park.

How big are the sites?

All our sites are larger than the standard 40 square metres of most camping grounds. Some substantially larger! We try and match the site to your requirements.

Can we park our vehicle close to the site?

On all sites, you can either park on the site or adjacent to your site.

Are you pet friendly?

  • No dogs will be allowed in the campground
  • No dogs will be allowed in any of the cottages, or cabins
  • Cats are not allowed anywhere in the park

What wildlife can we expect to see

We guarantee you will see Kangaroos! Other frequent visitors to the campground are Wallabies, Possums, an extensive range of birdlife, Bandicoots and over summer, large Goannas.

Can we buy ice at the Park?

Yes, we have bags of ice available for purchase from our on site shop.

Can we get LPG refills at the Park?

Yes, we can either refill your bottle or we have a swap-and-go system.

Are there toilets in the Campground?

The toilet/shower/amenities block is a short walk up a slight hill. The showers are hot and $1 coin operated.

Is there a laundry?

Yes, our laundry has coin operated washing machines and driers.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have hot showers! Coin operated. $1 coin for 4 minutes – a water conservation measure.

Is there room for additional vehicles or boats?

If you can’t fit your extra vehicles on, or adjacent to, your site, there is a nearby space for this purpose.

Is there a camp kitchen?

There is a small shelter and tables at the bottom of the campground which has a $1 coin operated electric barbecue and a sink with hot water for washing dishes.

Apart from that, you will need to bring your own cooking and cooling equipment.



Does each site have fresh water?

As we are on tank water only, it is not possible to hook up water to your site or caravan. We do have a fresh water tap in a central location of the campground plus others near the amenities block. There are also a couple of bore water taps which are for cleaning purposes only.

It is a campground, but do you accept caravans?

We do have a couple of sites suitable for small caravans in the bushland camping ground. Maximum size of 18’. We also have other caravan sites closer to the amenities block but not in the bushland camping area. Maximum van size is 22’ and maximum motor-home length is 10 metres.  If in doubt, please check prior to booking.

Do you have a dump point for caravan toilets?

No. We are on a septic systems. There is no dump point available.  The nearest Dump Point is a Corrigan’s Beach (Batemans Bay)

Are the campsites grassed? No.
  However, we spread a soft playground-quality mulch over the sites for your comfort.  The feedback we have received on this practice has been excellent.

Can we rent tents?

Though we don’t have a tent hire, we do have a campsite set up with tent, chairs, table, stretcher beds during the non-peak periods. We call this the Canvas Castle and it is available for rental. If you have more than two campers, you may like our larger  Canvas Kingdom.

Can we use generators?

No. We do have powered sites. If they are booked out, you are not permitted to run a generator to get your own power

No caravan/motorhome air-conditioners after 7pm – others are entitled to sleep in quiet surrounds.

Is the campground crowded?

You can expect the campground to be fully booked at peak periods and school holidays. Otherwise, there is normally plenty of room.

Do you have a noise curfew?

Yes – no amplified music in the campground at all and keep general noise down after 10pm.
Campground neighbours are only 3 to 5 metres away behind a thin fabric tent – campers all have to get along and exhausted children need to go to sleep early.  So, people breaking these rules and showing no respect for others, will be asked to leave the park.  See our Park Guidelines for details

Do you take large groups?

Generally speaking, no. We believe that large gatherings detract from the enjoyment of others.  Generally a maximum of 3 families or 2 to 3 sites. However, in low season, we may be able to accommodate groups.

Enough questions. Now for a classic song from a caravan by Cold Chisel.
Listen to it loud – BEFORE you come to our camping ground!