Fishing Durras Lake and Beach



Durras Lake and beach form part of Batemans Marine Park. There are a couple of sanctuary zones in Durras Lake – which gives a wide variety of marine life a chance to breed. These zones generally won’t affect the average fisher and they are well marked out.

“The more I travel around the country the more I realise that one of the best places to fish is right here in Eurobodalla and it’s getting better every year.”
 Rob Paxevanos. Fishing journalist and television host.

Fishing in Durras is perhaps the most popular pastime for most visitors. If you go fishing Durras Lake, you can catch whiting, bream, flathead, luderick, or go prawning.
On the beach, try for tailor, salmon, bream and whiting. For the more experienced, there are many rock-hopping opportunities close by.

There is a basic boat ramp nearby to launch small boats (14′ or under). It is shallow so launching larger boats is not practical. It is not possible to gain access to the ocean from this boat ramp.

Bait and a good range of tackle is available from the shop. Just about everything you need whether it is bait, hooks and sinkers, lures, fishing rods, reels, line and much more.

We are also a Gold Agent for NSW fisheries so you can obtain a fishing licence here or copies of the latest regulations and fishing tips.

Apart from fishing opportunities in the Durras area, there are charter operators working out of Batemans Bay and Narooma.
The folks at Eurobodalla Tourism have put together a great guide for Fishing in the Eurobodalla.

Prawning at night is also very popular during summer – a few days before and after the new moon. Have a look at our prawning video for some tips. All your prawning gear is available from our shop.

So on your next visit to Durras North, try fishing Durras Lake. You may be having a seafood banquet for dinner.

If you don’t fish, we suggest a walk around the rock platforms viewing the marine life in the various tidal pools.

Flathead caught in Durras Lake












And now for someone just showing off…





But this young fellow may beat him…