Kangaroo Guarantee

Kangaroo Guarantee or your money back

The World’s Only International Kangaroo Guarantee

Here at Durras North, we have the worlds only international Kangaroo Guarantee.

If you don’t see kangaroos here at our park during your stay, you will receive a full refund. No catches. No tricks.

People from all over the world come to Durras North knowing  they can’t miss out on seeing the kangaroos here. No, we don’t keep them in enclosures or cages. They roam free here. We don’t even feed them to keep them here. (Actually we ask that you don’t feed them as well as an incorrect diet can cause them harm.)

You may ask why they stay here all the time? Lots of grassed areas to relax on. The peace and quiet. Close to the beach and lake. Probably the same reasons you choose to come here for your south coast holiday.

If you want to learn more about kangaroos, we encourage you to view a short DVD entitled “Faces in the Mob” which is a great documentary about kangaroo behaviour. The DVD can be played in any of our cottages or cabins.

The kangaroos occasionally do go on to Durras Beach – mostly to nibble on the vegetation growing in the sand dunes. We can tell you the best locations where you can may be able to take those classic Kangaroos on the beach photographs.

Kangaroos can also be seen at Pebbly Beach and Depot Beach however, you are not guaranteed to see them.

So you may be wondering how many refunds we have given out under this kangaroo guarantee? Absolutely none in the past 12 years. Guaranteed!