Gumnut Award for Eco tourism

We are a proud holder of a Silver Gumnut Award, the second level of the Caravan and Camping Industry Eco program

The caravan and camping industry take their environmental responsibility very seriously – we want to be part of the solution not the problem. Holiday and tourist parks are an important part of the community and we want to ensure that our park stays that way.

 Participating in the Gumnut Award program means that our business is working towards being a responsible tourism operator through environmentally and socially responsible management policies and practices. You can read more about the Gumnut Award program by visiting                                                                      

Some of our Gumnut Award work is easy to see but most is not – the majority of efforts to reduce our footprint comes through changes in the way we do things, the products we use and services we engage.

Prior to achieving our Bronze Gumnut Award, we completed a training program that ensured we received information and education to help meet the obligations of membership. In order to achieve the Silver Gumnut Award, we developed and implemented a comprehensive environmental management plan (EMP) that will guide us in achieving our sustainability goals. The EMP was independently assessed by sustainability professionals and includes actions in the following categories.


Water and Waste Water

Solid Waste

Energy Efficiency

Air and Noise Pollution

Biodiversity Conservation



Local Community

Safety and Emergency Response Planning