A Nature Getaway. Batemans Bay Camping Sites safety tips

A Nature Getaway. Batemans Bay Camping Sites safety tips And Reminders To Remember

For families who value the lessons and benefits gained from spending time and engaging with nature, camping can be a great activity for their next holiday or weekend trip. With equal parts sufficient planning and the spirit for spontaneity, you can have the camping experience of a lifetime. Camping is a favourite tradition with many families and group of friends – and it can become the same way for yours, too. The time you spend outdoors can create a treasure chest of memories for the years to come.

According to outdoor lovers in Batemans Bay, camping is also a great activity for busy families because you can have a good time even with minimal preparation. To truly relax and enjoy during your getaway, however, you still have to take note of some basic safety and security measures to undertake before, during and after camping.

Go for a pre-trip check-up. Visit your general practitioner before the trip to make sure everyone is in sound health for the adventure. Your doctor can prescribe medication to bring in case of existing medical conditions or give you a list of health safety do’s and don’ts. You will also be advised on vaccinations that may be recommended or required, depending on the season, the destination and other factors.

Make sure food is prepared and packed well. One of the most common health-related incidents when camping is getting ill from spoiled or contaminated food. Make sure foods are packed and insulated according to temperature and storage requirements. Cook and prepare food with extra care. Make sure drinking water is clean and safe. Constantly remind everyone to wash their hands properly before handling food.

Be game to try new things, but consider the age and health level of participants. One of the great things about camping is you will be able to engage in new, nature-focused and often highly physical activities. However, you should still be always vigilant about keeping everyone safe and away from injury. Don’t leave children swimming alone, without adult supervision. Wear protective gear recommended for the particular activity. Ask campground personnel about potential high-risk zones or things to watch out for, such as poisonous plants in the nearby woods.

Equip yourself with basic health protection essentials. Aside from the requisite sunscreen (make sure the SPF level is sufficient for your outdoor activities), bring first aid kits and apply insect mosquito repellent lotions liberally every day. Wear recommended clothing according to the season and the activity. Take note of weather and temperature reports so you can pack accordingly. You can also call up the campsite operator and ask for tips and things to consider that are specific to the destination.