How to remove a tick

We are often asked how to remove a tick. Normally tweezers are used, but this can be difficult depending on the size of the tick as you have to be careful to grab hold of the tick head rather than the body.

We suggest you try this simple method instead.

  • Get a small bundle of cotton wool. The ones for make up remover are the ideal size.
  • Soak it with liquid soap.
  • Put the soap soaked cotton wool directly onto the tick for 10 – 20 seconds and hold it there.
  • The tick will then detach from you and grab a hold of the cotton wool.

You will probably still be quite itchy for a while so you may also have to treat the area with stop itch or something similar.

Of course, it you get a severe reaction from the tick, we suggest you seek medical advice.

How to remove a tick

Ticks can be so tiny, they are hard to remove with tweezers

To remove a tick, use soap and cotton wool

Tick removal soap

Here is how to remove a tick

Cotton wool combined with liquid soap