How to make Pebbly Beach Camping More Fun and Meaningful

How To Make Pebbly Beach Camping More Fun And Meaningful

While most parents have now embraced that digital literacy and being technologically savvy are requisite and beneficial for the development of children today, they are also alarmed at how the window of time spent being outside in the sunshine and open air has become smaller and smaller. Some studies ( show that in some parts of the world, children spend only less than an hour every day to go outdoors, and it is often just to go to and from their home, school, the mall or whatever indoor facility they prefer to be.

Having fun in the outdoors is one of the pleasures of childhood that your kids shouldn’t miss. Looking for a way to get your kids moving and away from the screen? Get them into the green – whisk them away to go camping for your next weekend getaway.

You don’t need to look further to find a great camping destination to take your family to. Australia’s lush landscape offers a lot of sites that are perfect for communing with nature, and the tourism sector has made these sites even more enticing for the public by putting up facilities and providing services that make camping easier, safer and more fun than ever before.

On the top of the must-see camping destinations list is Pebbly Beach, camping enthusiasts say. Located at the world-renowned Murramarang National Park, Pebbly Beach offers the best of Australia eco-tourism experience: kangaroos grazing on the grass, colourful birds singing, beautiful beaches and postcard-pretty views. It is also just two hours away from Canberra and three and a half hours from Sydney, making it a truly family-friendly spot.

There is a wide range of activities to choose from when in Pebbly Beach, including swimming, hiking, diving and more. But to make your stay more fun and memorable, here are some more tips from the experts:

Do it your way. Who says you can only go camping by going rough and dirty? Some people get a thrill from doing classic camping tasks such as chopping firewood, pitching their own tent etc., but you could also enjoy the great outdoors with little amenities that make your stay more convenient. Major campsites now offer provisions such as ready-to-use firewood, hot showers and laundry machines.

Have fun, stay safe. Err on the side of safety – have yourself and the kids vaccinated with relevant shots, put loads of high-SPF sunscreen, wear protective gear during sports activities, dress appropriately for the climate and be extra-careful about food handling and preparation.

Respect the environment. Put garbage in proper place. Use only dead wood for firewood or buy from the campsite. Protect vegetation and do not disturb wildlife. Be considerate of other campers as well. Some camping venues may also have historical and cultural sites – remember you are only a visitor so be respectful of the community that is hosting you. Lead by example and teach your children life lessons they will always remember in their lifetime.