South Coast Camping: Why you and your family should enjoy the great outdoors

The ban on solid fuel fires imposed by NSW National Parks and NSW Forestry (Sep 2019) does NOT apply in our holiday park.

But, if a Total Fire Ban day is announced then no fireplaces can be used in the park.  Check for updates here

South Coast Camping: Why You And Your Family Should Enjoy The Great Outdoors For Your Next Weekend Getaway

Australia is blessed with rich, stunning nature sites that are perfect as camping grounds. One of the favourite destinations is the South Coast, camping enthusiasts say, because of its lush hinterland, sparkling river estuaries and beautiful beaches that offer you and your family with more than the usual camping activities. Moreover, there are now a host of camping grounds that provide modern facilities, making each holiday safer and more convenient.

As you pack your tents and bags for your upcoming camping getaway, take note of the following great things in store for you:

Get away from it all – at an affordable rate. Seasoned travellers know that taking a decent vacation (or even a staycation) will require you shell out a significant amount of money, even if you’re just staying a hotel or going to a local river cruise. With camping, however, the costs can become more manageable. You can bring your own food (and have fun cooking it in the campfire). Camping gear need not be top-of-the-line, and some camping grounds provide or rent out camping gears to customers.

Relax – your campsite operator can provide almost everything you need. If the thought of all the physical labour of camping tires you out, then you should know that modern campsites today have services and amenities to make sure you only have take on the fun things of camping. Individual fireplaces are already set up for each campsite. Firewood is readily available – even the marshmallows. Not a fan of singing by the campfire? You choose to use the battery-operated barbecue grills. If you prefer, you can rent cabins and cottages instead of setting up a tent. Take note, these units are equipped with hot showers and laundry services.

Bask in the beauty of nature. You can only truly appreciate the beauty of nature if you’re right in the heart of it. In the morning, you can do some stretches while soaking in the early morning light. Go for a hike in the mountains, go canoeing in the river, swim, bike, or do nothing – just breathe in the fresh air, lay down on the grass and watch the skies until the stars come out.

Teach your kids some life skills – or learn some of them yourself. Going out of your comfort zones allows your brain to shift its gears and work on the other areas that rarely get used when you’re just staying in the cosy indoors. Some of the basic camping tricks to try include building a fire, protecting yourself from pests and small animals, applying basic first aid and cooking over an open fire. But even if you don’t do any of these classic activities (perhaps you’ve chosen to take advantage of most of the campsites’ services and amenities or you will be embarking on your version of glamping), there are still lessons you can take away. In the end, nothing can compare to the experience of seeing nature up close, being comfortable with the silence, making do with the essentials, and simply being with family and loved ones.