Camping Grounds NSW – Points to consider

Camping Grounds NSW

When looking for a campsite in Camping grounds NSW, there are several factors you should consider before choosing your camping location.

Site Size

Check on the size of the sites. The minimum standard is generally 4o square metres if a parking space is provided within 30 metres, otherwise, it should be a minimum of 50 square metres. This standard can vary state to state. This relates to Camping Grounds NSW,  Apart from the physical size, the shape of the site is also important. You should know the “footprint” size of your camp set up. Ask the camping ground whether or not your site will accommodate your intentions.

Amenities Block

A few considerations here. How far from your campsite is the amenities block? Are the showers hot or cold? Coin operated? Is there a laundry? Can we purchase washing powder? Does the general public have access to the amenities block?

What is the cost of the campsite?

Most camping grounds have 3 different seasons. Low, shoulder and peak. Prices are higher when the demand is strongest over the peak seasons. Check what the site cost includes. Normally just two persons with additional costs for extra adults and children. Check for “hidden” costs such as a daily fee for your vehicle in some National Park campgrounds.

What “base” does the site have?

In many caravan parks, the camping site may be the same as a caravan site with a concrete slab. Most will have just bare ground. Grass tends to be very difficult to maintain with tents killing the vegetation. At Durras Lake North Holiday Park, a special “playground” mulch is used to provide a soft natural base which is very kind to tent floors.

Is there a playground?

Traditional camping grounds generally don’t have playgrounds as exploration of the natural surroundings generally provides plenty of stimulation for the younger ones imagination and energy levels. The larger parks may have bouncing castles, swimming pools, kids clubs, pedal bikes, entertainment centres, canoes and more. Many of these may have additional costs.

Photos and videos

If choosing your camping ground accommodation from a website or brochure, how realistic are the photos of the camping ground? Most will have a photo of a neatly pitched tent with a happy family sitting at a picnic table or laughing and smiling. Very generic and maybe not indicative of what your site will be like. At Durras Lake North Holiday Park, we have made a video of every single campsite. When making an enquiry, we can forward you the youtube link so you can see precisely what your site will look like – the size, views, adjacent sites, distance from the amenities block etc.

Will there be large groups at the camping ground?

Some camping grounds encourage large groups which is fine. But if you wanted that nice quiet camping spot, being along side a large group of fishers/footy club/scouts/partygoers etc may not be your thing. Just ask when booking if any such groups may be in attendance.

Are campfires allowed?

Very few camping grounds allow campfires. If so, it is usually a communal fire that all campers share. At Durras Lake North Holiday Park, every campsite has its own fireplace which also acts as a primitive barbecue. Firewood is available for purchase and normal fire restrictions apply.

Is the camping ground pet friendly?

As with campfires, most parks are not pet friendly. If they are, check under what conditions. Apart from the park itself, what are the local restrictions. For example, at Durras Lake North Holiday Park, though pets are allowed in the park, they are not permitted on the beach or bush.

Is Wifi available?

What a weird question to ask if you are going camping! The idea is to get away from phones, the internet – sit back and relax! In any case, just ask as free wifi could be available within the park. At Durras Lake North Holiday Park this is the case where a free wifi zone surrounds the shop and office area.


Is fresh drinking water available? If not, is it possible to purchase drinking water at the camping ground?

Dumping Point

If you are in a motorhome or caravan, you may have your own toilet which needs regularly “dumping” at dumping point. Many camping grounds and holiday parks in rural areas may not be on a town water or sewerage system, so a dumping point may not be present.

These are just some considerations to help you choose your camping grounds NSW.

View the video below for more information about the Durras Lake North Holiday Park Camping Grounds NSW.