Pebbly Beach – Durras Lake North is an alternative camping ground

The ban on solid fuel fires imposed by NSW National Parks and NSW Forestry (Sep 2019) does NOT apply in our holiday park.

But, if a Total Fire Ban day is announced then no fireplaces can be used in the park.  Check for updates here

Pebbly Beach Camping Ground is a popular destination, particularly for overseas travellers. It is managed by the NPWS who have put in picnic and barbecue facilities for the many tourists and backpackers this area attracts.

However, if you want to avoid being in an area with many tourists, an alternative is Durras Lake North Holiday Park, at Durras North, just a short 10 minute drive south of Pebbly Beach. This is where the locals go to for a camping experience.

Do you want a hot shower?

At the Pebbly Beach Camping Ground, only cold showers. Durras North has hot showers.

Are Kangaroos guaranteed to be seen?

Durras North has the worlds only International Kangaroo Guarantee! If you don’t see kangaroos at Durras North, a full refund applies.

Durras North has the worlds only International Kangaroo Guarantee

A NPWS vehicle entry permit

for your vehicle must be purchased if staying at the Pebbly Beach. This permit is not required if staying at Durras North.

Free Wifi

for all guests at Durras North.

Spacious campsites

available at Durras North with many right along the edge of the bushland. A video has been made of each site so you know what to expect.

Soft surface campsites

At Pebbly Beach, the campsite bases are gravel. At Durras North, a natural mulch base is used. It keeps the dust down and is more natural.

Pebbly Beach Camping Ground

Pebbly Beach camping site with gravel base

Fireplaces on each campsite

Each campsite at Durras North has its own fireplace/barbecue. Firewood is available for purchase. Or use the coin operated electric barbecue.

Bushwalking options

Free bushwalking guide notes are available for guest campers. Walks include the beach, lake and bush. Lots of options and advice available. From the Pebbly Beach, there are only a couple of choices available.

Extensive wildlife

Kangaroos, possums and a huge variety of birds and parrots – all on site.

Laundry facilities

are available. Washing machines and driers.

Shop Facilities

Durras North has the only shop in the area. Ice creams anyone? Durras North is just a 10 minute drive from the Pebbly Beach area.

Ice and LPG gas refills

Fishing licences and bait

If you don’t have a licence, you can’t go fishing!

Online booking available

You can book online here. Or call us toll free on 1800 387727

Kayak hire

is available at Durras North. Explore Durras Lake, the most pristine in NSW, by a Hobie Kayak. Singles or doubles. All safety gear provided.

Friendly Staff

At  Durras North the owners have travelled extensively and understand what travellers are seeking. Their aim is to give you the best possible experience.

Instant Campsites available

The “Canvas Castle” is a complete campsite. No need to bring your own tent. Includes stretcher beds, tables and comfortable chairs.

Do the Kangaroos go surfing at Pebbly Beach?

Pebbly Beach is famous for being the home of the “surfing kangaroos” (a myth arising from a photograph of a kangaroo in the low surf – probably chased there by a dog). It is always amusing to hear of a group of tourists going to Pebbly Beach to photograph the “surfing kangaroos!”

If you want to photograph kangaroos (and a wide variety of birdlife), Durras Beach also has its own “beach kangaroos” as does Depot Beach. Just with less tourists chasing them for a photo.

Pebbly Beach is definitely worthwhile visiting and this is why so many tourists go there. However, many travellers prefer to base themselves at Durras North – like the locals do. But if you do decide to stay at Durras North…..Shhh…..It’s a secret!

Pebbly Beach is a short walk from the Pebbly Beach Campground


Durras Beach is a short walk from the Durras Lake North Holiday Park