Durras Lake Closed to the Ocean 9th April, 2015

Durras Lake Entrance. Photo courtesy of Colour by Codes photographer: Cody Buchert

Photo courtesy of Cody Buchert – “Colour by Codes”

Big seas over the past few days resulted in large deposits of sand at the entrance to Durras Lake. As a result, on the 9th April, 2015, Durras Lake closed to the ocean.

Durras Lake last opened to the ocean on the 26th August, 2014, so was only open for around 8 months on this occasion.

Though many prefer the Lake to be open, kayakers in particular enjoy the lake closure. Mostly due to the deeper water and the possibility of getting into many small channels which were difficult to access with the shallower water.

The lack of tidal influence is another big plus for boating and swimming in the Lake.


Durras Lake History

7th February, 2001. Opened naturally.

20th September, 2003. Closed to the ocean.

6th July, 2005. Opened naturally.

10th April, 2006. Closed to the ocean.

25th June, 2007. Opened manually.

21st June, 2011. Opened manually.

2nd August, 2012. Closed to the ocean.

12th October, 2012. Opened naturally.

16th June, 2013. Closed to the ocean.

27th June, 2013. Opened naturally.

5th May, 2014. Closed to the ocean.

27th August, 2014. Opened manually.

9th April, 2015. Closed to the ocean.