Durras Lake opens to the Ocean June 27 2013

Durras Lake is open to the ocean once again. It closed on the 16th June and just 11 days later, reopened on the 27th June, 2013. This is the shortest time between openings for at least 30 years.

Following very heavy rain over a few days, the Lake opened naturally. The last time this happened was on the 12th October, 2012.

Local South Durras resident, John Perkins reports:

“It is always exciting to see Durras Lake open naturally. I arrived at the Durras Lake entrance area at 9.30 am. Very soon after the lake started to gently trickle over. Say about 10am. This was a very slow process. It wasn’t until high tide had passed at 11.30am that the spillover of Durras lake increased. Even then it was pretty slow going by previous natural lake openings. I’m of the opinion the lake entrance opening didn’t really get going properly until about 2pm. I left the lake entrance area at about 4pm. This was about the time the lake entrance flow was very active.”

Many people are pleased to see Durras Lake open once again. Whether they are fishing, prawning, kayaking, birdwatching or walking along its shores, the lake still remains very popular with visitors to this NSW south coast location. If you want to visit Durras Lake, book a campsite, cottage or cabin.

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7th February, 2001. Opened naturally

20th September, 2003. Closed to the ocean

6th July, 2005. Opened naturally

10th April, 2006.  Closed to the ocean

25th June, 2007.  Opened manually

Staff party in middle of Lake! December, 2009

21st June, 2011. Opened manually

2nd August, 2012.  Closed to the ocean

12th October,  2012. Opened naturally

16th June, 2013. Closed to the ocean

27th June, 2013. Opened naturally