Durras Lake Opens – 27 July 2020

Durras Lake opened to the sea on Monday 27 July 2020. The lake had been closed since 30 August 2018.
A “south coast low” came down from the north and dumped 270mm of rain on Sunday. The lake level quickly increased.

Only a little help was required from an excavator and then the lake opened

From small things, big things grow!!!

Stormy weather and big seas all added to the excitement, e.g. 12m waves.

Yes 12 metres!

Our neighbours across the lake (Bay and Beyond Sea Kayak Tours) have some great boogie board videos:
Now things have settled down, the lake has opened wide.

And the the weather has cleared

Oh, and just a final note on some other fun and games. No landlines, intermittent mobile phones and no electricity for two days, and no road access

Time to go to school after a 4 day weekend.


No jellyfish in the lake – Yippee.
See you all soon.