Fishing Durras Lake and Beach

. . . . Durras Lake and beach form part of Batemans Marine Park. There are a couple of sanctuary zones in Durras Lake - which gives a wide variety of marine life a chance to breed. These zones generally won't affect the average fisher and they are well … [Read more...]

Durras Lake Opens 11 December 2021

  The lake was mechanically opened on Saturday 11 December following a month of rains.   In the past day or so, the lake level had risen above the "trigger point" of 1.8m. So to prevent further flooding at South Durras, the morning low tide was … [Read more...]

Durras Lake Opens – 27 July 2020

  Durras Lake opened to the sea on Monday 27 July 2020. The lake had been closed since 30 August 2018.   A "south coast low" came down from the north and dumped 270mm of rain on Sunday. The lake level quickly increased.     Only a little … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #7 – All roads open, rain falling – AND WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS

16 Jan 2020 Dear Guests and Potential Guests The power is on, the mobile phones are working and all the roads are open… AND WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS We have very little smoke and have had no fire damage in January – we had our problems at the beginning of … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #6 – Air quality better than Sydney and far better than Canberra

30 Dec 2019 Some of our Guests have been concerned about air quality on the NSW South Coast. Our air quality is good due to our proximity to the ocean and our onshore breezes.   We have not had any bush-fire activity here since the first week of … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #5 – Alternatives to Kings Hwy

20 Dec 2019 The fire between Braidwood and Nelligen just keeps on, keeping on. We are sorry for the disruption to our Canberra van owners and accommodation Guests … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #4 – sea breezes and no smoke

10 Dec 2019 Some potential guests are concerned about smoke and burnt forests. These drone pictures where taken this afternoon.       So keep coming to Durras North and get some fresh air. … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #3 – open for business

9 Dec 2019 It’s a Tuesday and the week has already started... And life goes on.   “That damn council why haven’t they emptied the rubbish bins? I had better have a word with them and see what the problem is.”     Oh wait, what is that in the … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #2 – a drive in (videos)

6 Dec 2019 Due to wind shifts the fire came back again on Thursday 5 December and there was more drama – again north-west of our park and this time also north of our neighbours “Durras Beach North Holiday Park” formerly known as “Bundilla”. They have survived, as … [Read more...]

Bushfire update #1 – our park was saved by the firefighters

Tuesday 3 December 2019 The park is in good condition thanks to the great effort of the NPWS Rangers, the RFS Volunteers and the NSW Forestry workers.  The ground teams and the fire bombers worked together wonderfully to protect our park and the on-site … [Read more...]