Bushfire update #3 – open for business

9 Dec 2019

It’s a Tuesday and the week has already started… And life goes on.
“That damn council why haven’t they emptied the rubbish bins? I had better have a word with them and see what the problem is.”

Oh wait, what is that in the back ground?   A little joey perhaps?

And what about the sun? So beautiful

Now back to business – we are open as of today, Tuesday 10 December, providing you can get here. The Mt Agony Road is fine so long as you:

  • display caution and treat the fallen trees/branches with respect,
  • watch out for any large machinery, and,
  • don’t drive over 40km/hr

Coming from the North, it is very easy. The Princes highway has been re-opened with an 80km/hr speed limit. So straight down south to the Mt Agony turn-off and you are almost here.
Coming from the south, is now also easy as the Princes highway is open from Batemans Bay to the Mt Agony turn-off.
But coming from the west, and Canberra, is a little more troublesome because of the closure of the Kings Highway between Braidwood and Nelligen. This is caused by a back-burning operation on the south- western flank of the Currowan Fire. This operation may close the road again tomorrow (Wednesday 11 Dec) – but it is back-burning, so the aim is for the fire to move away from the road and for the road to become clear.

Source: https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me
Other park news? We were very lucky there was no damage to the cabins, cottages, Amenities block, Shop and on-site vans. The damage is restricted to the lower campground and is around the perimeter where a fire trail was cut with heavy machinery.

There is plenty of wildlife and our little oasis is very attractive to all grass and nectar eaters.
And there were lots of giveaways, don’t you wish you had been here? FREE ice (plus cold water). FREE chips (a little soggy)

Life as an evacuee was not that tough for some

Just be warned, the gas was cut off as a precaution during the fires. So some insects have decided to move into the gas pilot holes and block them – thus can’t restart the heaters. Forcing someone to leave their home and shower at the Amenities block – and they forgot their towel didn’t they. Perhaps Durras Lake North should become a nudist park? But then again… Come and see for yourself!
And thanks again to the firefighters who saved our park: RFS, NPWS, Forestry NSW and the locals who stayed.

Just remember we have accommodation available in the second half of January 2020 – click below for a “live read” from MIX 106 FM


And that’s all folks. Come and see us soon.