Local South Coast Produce For Sale

Getting ready for our summer season. The last few weeks, we have been stocking up the Kangaroo Cafe for all the campers and other guests staying at Durras North, Pebbly Beach and Depot Beach areas. We are very proud to have a lot of local south coast produce for sale.

This includes:

South Coast Cheese

South Coast cheese from Central TilbaWe have been supplying South Coast Cheese for the past 12 years and many or our regular guests look forward to getting their “cheese  fix” and with good reason. Apart from excellent Vintage and Tasty cheeses, they are famous for their flavoured cheese such as:

  • Firecracker
  • Kalamata Olive
  • Chilli and Paprika
  • Smoked Vintage
  • Camembert and more

If you are travelling south of Batemans Bay, call in and visit them at Central Tilba, just off the Princes Highway. More about South Coast cheese is here including a short video with the blessed cheesemaker, Erica.

Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company

The principals have been roasting for 18 years up and down the South Coast. Their flavours include:

  • Almonds: Tamari and Vienna
  • Cashews: Honey and Salted CashewsBatemans Bay nut roasting company logo
  • Macadamias: Caramel, Green Mango, and Honey + Coconut
  • Peanuts: Caramel + Coconut, and Kri Kri BBQ
  • Pecans: Maple Toasted

Plus a large variety of others.  More details on their website.

Bee Wise Honey

Local South Coast HoneySourced from the local South Coast forests of the Murramarang National Park.

Bee Wise Honey is primarily a Eucalypt based honey.

You won’t come across this honey in many places at all as the Beekeeper

is a very small operator.

Quality, not quantity is the key here.



Clyde River Berry Farm Jam

As with the other local south coast produce for sale above, we have had their jams available for purchase for the past 10 years. Flavours include:ClydeRiverBerryFarm

  • Strawberry
  • Boysenberry
  • Plum
  • BlueBerry
  • Mixed Berry

If you have the time, we strongly suggest visiting their Berry Farm during December and January where you can pick your own Berries! A lot of fun, sticky fingers and delicious flavours. They are located near the Shallow Crossing on the Clyde River.

You can listen to a short interview with the Clyde River Berry Farm owners here.

Bayside Specialty Meats

Bayside Specialty Meats supply our shop at Durras NorthOur local friendly butcher. Apart from the basic chops, sausages, steaks, chicken and mince, our butcher is famous for his flavoured sausages.

We suggest you visit him in the open arcade opposite the Batemans Bay Post Office. (Next door to Subway).

As we provide wood fired barbecues on all our camping sites, our  supply of meats is very popular with all our guests.

Venetian Roasted Coffee


Davide, our specialty Coffee Roaster from Venetian Coffee Roasters. This is one of the reasons why we have the best coffee in Durras – if not the south coast!

Our coffee is the best in Durras! Actually, our Kangaroo Coast Eco-Coffee is an award winner. Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Allied. As green as you can get! And roasted locally in Batemans Bay by The Venetian Coffee Roasters.

Come in and have one of our coffees on the deck of the Kangaroo Cafe.

We also have a small range of Venetian Roasted Specialty Coffees for you to take home – where you get to be your own Barista!

More about the best coffee in Batemans Bay here.