Best coffee in Batemans Bay and Durras

The best coffee in Batemans Bay

Davide the Venetian

We proudly serve the best coffee in Durras.  The Kangaroo Coast Eco Coffee – which is organic, fair trade and rainforest alliance certified. So you could say our coffee is greener than the rainforest of the surrounding Murramarang national park. If we are closed however you will need to go the Venetian Boutique Coffee Roaster for the best coffee in Batemans Bay.

Located at 32 Orient  Street, Batemans Bay, this is where our award winning coffee is roasted

Call in and say ciao amici to Davide and his team. Apart from great coffee, we suggest you try his home made Italian treats as well. His Biscotti is as good as it gets.

Davide is new to Batemans Bay and he is bringing his extensive coffee knowledge to the Bay to create a genuine Italian coffee experience.

Whether or not he makes coffee as good as we do in the Kangaroo cafe is yet to be decided. Whatever you think, we definitely have the best in Durras and Davide has the best coffee in Batemans Bay.