The best caravan in the world

Wendy and the best caravan in the world

Wendy has finally found it

We’ve been searching for the best caravan in the world and found it in a side street, Marrickville, NSW, Australia. Not sure if everyone would agree with the title, but to the owners, it obviously is. Which we think is great. A caravan does not need to have every modern convenience, en-suites, stainless steel kitchens and other items that most houses wouldn’t even have. The best caravan in the world is the one that suits your lifestyle, wants and needs. However, this one does have a cappuccino machine and flying ducks to adorn its walls.

Even more amazing is that the caravan has its own website – The best Caravan in the World.

You may have to click on the photo for a closer view of the text below the Matryoshka Dolls. (Excluding Wendy)

Whether or not you feel their claim is valid or not doesn’t really matter. After a quick google search, we couldn’t find an official best caravan site, so I guess this caravan can claim the title.

Well done from all of us at Durras Lake North Holiday Park. The best Holiday Park in the World!