National Park Camping South Coast NSW

Think of a camping site. Now think of that site being surrounded by bushland. Where the most frequent visitors are kangaroos, extensive birdlife, possums and other wildlife. Now imagine this place being within a short walking distance of a Lake and Beach. And located just 20 minutes from Batemans Bay. Lets put it together now…….National Park Camping South Coast NSW….kangaroos…Lake…. Beach wildlife….

I know what you are thinking. No such place exists!

Well, there is. At Durras North. It’s like a time warp in the world of camping. A place which is perfect for kayaking, fishing or exploring the surrounding bushwalking trails. Where you can still toast marshmallows over your own campfire. Where the campground has been designed more for tents and campertrailers rather than large touring caravans and even larger crowds.

Don’t think about it anymore. Before exploring this very real camping ground surrounded by the Murramarang National Park on the NSW South Coast, explore this website for more proof that such a place still does exist.

If you are unsure whether or not this camping ground is for you, just call 02 4478 6072 and discuss your requirements. Depending upon whether you have a tent, campertrailer or small caravan, we can then suggest appropriate sites. A short video is available of every campsite and the link to your suggested site can be emailed to you. This way you know exactly what to expect.

Each campsite has its own fireplace which also serves a basic barbecue. The amenities block has hot showers (coin operated).

Durras Lake North Holiday Park is regarded as one of the best National Park Camping South Coast NSW locations for those wanting an authentic camping experience. To reserve your camping site,  click here and book your site now.