Durras Lake opens to the Ocean June 27 2013

Durras Lake is open to the ocean once again. It closed on the 16th June and just 11 days later, reopened on the 27th June, 2013. This is the shortest time between openings for at least 30 years. Following very heavy rain over a few days, the Lake opened naturally. … [Read more...]

Prawning in Durras Lake

  Prawning in Durras Lake is now possible as the lake is open to the ocean. It is easy and a lot of fun. But you must do it in the dark! Watch our video below for tips on how to go prawning with just a small hand net, a bucket and a prawning light. Just … [Read more...]

Fishing Durras Lake and Beach

. . . . "The more I travel around the country the more I realise that one of the best places to fish is right here in Eurobodalla and it’s getting better every year.”  Rob Paxevanos. Fishing journalist and television host. Fishing in Durras is … [Read more...]

Kayaking & Kayak hire

Durras Lake is one of the most pristine lakes in NSW and is part of the Batemans Marine Park. No visit to Durras North is complete without exploring the lake by kayak or bushwalking.   https://youtu.be/BUrycn34x5I   If you don't have your own kayak, … [Read more...]

Durras Lake Opening

Durras Lake is not always open to the ocean. Generally the entrance closes and opens every 2-3 years depending upon rainfall and the ocean. The last time it opened was 21st June 2011. This time it was opened mechanically so we were able to give everyone plenty of … [Read more...]