Baby found in our rubbish bin!

This baby possum and its mother are waiting until dark so they can escape from our rubbish bin.

A baby in our bin

It is okay though! The baby found in our rubbish bin was just a small brushtailed possum. Each night, many possums try and get into our bins to scavenge any food. We do have lids on our bins, but sometimes these are left open overnight. The result is we often have possums in our bins the next day. If the bins are fairly empty they can’t climb up the steep sides to escape.

Not a problem though as each day we check for any possums who may have gotten in over night. A small ramp is put into the bin so they can get out again during the evening.

Possums in the bins at Durras North

The possums now have to wait until evening to escape after we put a special ladder for them to scurry up.

What we don’t often see is a baby possum with its mother in the bins. They had obviously had a good feed and they were quite content to sit and wait for the evenings escape.

I suppose this means we are recycling our wildlife?

P.S We named the baby possum, “Bindi”.