Fishing Durras Lake and Beach

. . . . Durras Lake and beach form part of Batemans Marine Park. There are a couple of sanctuary zones in Durras Lake - which gives a wide variety of marine life a chance to breed. These zones generally won't affect the average fisher and they are well … [Read more...]

Durras Lake Opens 11 December 2021

  The lake was mechanically opened on Saturday 11 December following a month of rains.   In the past day or so, the lake level had risen above the "trigger point" of 1.8m. So to prevent further flooding at South Durras, the morning low tide was … [Read more...]

Take Care with Chicks on the Beach at Durras North

 John Perkins of the South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program has issued this notice about two young Pied Oystercatcher Chicks on the beach at Durras North: Please keep a watchful eye over the two Pied Oystercatcher chicks on the sand flats adjacent to the … [Read more...]

Our Qantas Kangaroo

The little kangaroo who recently made an appearance out of its mothers pouch is going ahead in leaps and bounds! We've named him Qantas. A real character who is getting braver each day. We hope you enjoy these photos of our Qantas Kangaroo. There are plenty of … [Read more...]

Baby kangaroo leaves its pouch. Spring is here.

Most people believe spring starts on the 1st day of September. At Durras North, spring happens when a baby kangaroo leaves its pouch for the first time. This baby kangaroo kept me amused for quite a while. He had great delight in hassling all the others in the mob … [Read more...]

Baby found in our rubbish bin!

It is okay though! The baby found in our rubbish bin was just a small brushtailed possum. Each night, many possums try and get into our bins to scavenge any food. We do have lids on our bins, but sometimes these are left open overnight. The result is we often have … [Read more...]

Parrots and Kangaroos aplenty!

Does it get crowded at Durras North during winter? Absolutely! I think I must have been the only person in the village when the parrots wanted a bit of company during a winters day. Please don't think you will have the same experience on your visit though. We do … [Read more...]

Durras Lake about to close to the ocean

Durras Lake is about to close to the ocean. Just a few centimetres of water was flowing over the ocean entrance at low tide today. Once the water doesn't flow over the entrance at both low and high tides, then the Lake is regarded as being closed to the ocean. At … [Read more...]

Dolphins on Durras Beach

It is quite common to see Dolphins on Durras Beach on the south coast of NSW. Though not always there, it is always worth while keeping a look out for them. Usually just off shore or surfing the waves of Durras Beach. It is quite an experience to go surfing off … [Read more...]

South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program report

We caught up with John Perkins, a volunteer with the National Parks and Wildlife Service South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program at Durras. John is heavily involved in the protection and conservation of endangered shorebirds in the Murramarang National Park … [Read more...]