Baby kangaroo leaves its pouch. Spring is here.

It is spring time in Durras North when the young kangaroos leave their mothers pouch

Spring time at Durras North

Most people believe spring starts on the 1st day of September. At Durras North, spring happens when a baby kangaroo leaves its pouch for the first time. This baby kangaroo kept me amused for quite a while. He had great delight in hassling all the others in the mob who just wanted to stretch out and sleep in the morning sun. After getting “boxed about the ears” a few times, he retreated back to the safety of the pouch.

I did see a “pinky” a couple of days back as well. A “pinky” is a very young kangaroo with no hair who starts popping its head out of the pouch to inspect their surroundings. Having no hair generally means they are quite pink as well.

It was great timing for some of our overseas visitors to see this crazy little kangaroo. Upon arriving, they were initially amazed at being visited by a numerous colourful parrots at their cabin. This was the highlight of their time in Australia. This highlight was soon superseded by the antics of this young Joey. The kangaroos are a major attraction for guests staying at Durras Lake North Holiday Park. Kangaroos are guaranteed to be seen or a full refund is given.