Our Qantas Kangaroo

The little kangaroo who recently made an appearance out of its mothers pouch is going ahead in leaps and bounds! We've named him Qantas. A real character who is getting braver each day. We hope you enjoy these photos of our Qantas Kangaroo. There are plenty of … [Read more...]

Baby kangaroo leaves its pouch. Spring is here.

Most people believe spring starts on the 1st day of September. At Durras North, spring happens when a baby kangaroo leaves its pouch for the first time. This baby kangaroo kept me amused for quite a while. He had great delight in hassling all the others in the mob … [Read more...]

Baby found in our rubbish bin!

It is okay though! The baby found in our rubbish bin was just a small brushtailed possum. Each night, many possums try and get into our bins to scavenge any food. We do have lids on our bins, but sometimes these are left open overnight. The result is we often have … [Read more...]

Do you need a south coast campsite in January?

We still have a few camping sites at Durras North for January 2015. You will need to be quick though as we are just about fully booked. South coast camping sites are very popular at this time of year so we suggest you contact us now on 1800 387727 to see if we can … [Read more...]

Durras World Record Holders!

We are proud to announce we are the official Durras World Record Holders. We've always thought that Durras in Australia was the best in the world. However, we soon realised there are four Durras's worldwide: Apart from Australia, there is also one in France, … [Read more...]

Durras Lake opens 26 August 2014

After just 3 months, Durras Lake is open again to the ocean. Heavy rain and with a little help from an excavator, the lake was manually opened around 1.30pm on the 26th August, 2014. The graphic below shows the actual water level heights courtesy of the … [Read more...]

Durras Lake opening October, 2012

Apart from showing the opening of the lake, this video also features a few locals and their thoughts about Durras Lake. … [Read more...]

Parrots and Kangaroos aplenty!

Does it get crowded at Durras North during winter? Absolutely! I think I must have been the only person in the village when the parrots wanted a bit of company during a winters day. Please don't think you will have the same experience on your visit though. We do … [Read more...]

School Holiday Special!

Three great deals for the NSW/ACT July 2014 school holidays. Choose your deal below: Canvas Castle Half Price Deal - Stay two nights or more and pay half price. Was $60 per night including two persons. Now $30 per night. Visit our Canvas Castle page for more … [Read more...]

Durras Lake closed to the ocean

Durras Lake closed to the ocean on the 5th May, 2014. It last opened naturally on the 27th June, 2013. Though some prefer Durras Lake to be open to the ocean, the closure has many positive points. Primarily, this is part of its natural cycle and gives the Lake a … [Read more...]